Worksite – Select Your Measurement and Reporting Options


Now that you’ve set your goals, determine how your participants will measure their blood pressure and select a reporting tool to help participants track their readings.

Participants can check their blood pressure using a variety of methods including:

  • Doctor’s visits: Healthcare professionals use a medical instrument called a sphygmomanometer, a type of blood pressure monitor. This bicep cuff monitor provides the most accurate reading among various types of monitors.
  • Blood pressure stations at local pharmacies, grocery stores and fitness centers.
  • Home blood pressure monitoring

Select the reporting tool that fits your company or organization’s budget, goals, and participants’ needs.

The Guideline Advantage

The Guideline Advantage is a quality improvement program for healthcare providers that promotes the use of evidence-based treatment guidelines, performance measurement tools and strategies to improve HBP screening and management of patients with HBP. The tool may not be used by worksites, but may be used by an onsite healthcare clinic or participating clinic partner. The program uses both clinical and participant reported blood pressure readings to track adherence to guidelines for blood pressure control and incorporates a number of other prevention and chronic disease management guidelines. Learn more about The Guideline Advantage.


Heart360 is a digital health monitoring system that helps patients understand and track the factors that affect their heart health, including blood pressure and activity. Heart360 safely and securely stores personal information in a health application called Microsoft® HealthVault™. Heart360 is available at, and is free to join. Participants can log and track their health data as frequently or infrequently as desired. Additionally, Volunteer Health Mentors and physicians can connect to participants on Heart360 to communicate, track participants’ numbers and encourage them to take control of their health.


higi is a partner of the American Heart Association that offers health monitoring stations located in nearly 10,000 retail pharmacies and grocery stores throughout the country. higi provides a health assessment of blood pressure, weight, pulse and BMI in a simple, fun and rewarding way to help patients track and improve their overall health. higi users can print their assessments directly from the kiosk, send an email or access their information via or higi’s mobile app (available for iPhones and Android phones).

The AHA is working with higi to determine how to optimize utilization in clinical settings. You can encourage your patients to use local higi stations to track and log their blood pressure. Find stations near you.

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