Participating in Check. Change. Control. Connecting Communities and Care

Are you ready to tackle the nation’s “silent killer”? Check. Change. Control. Connecting Communities and Care provides healthcare clinics and community organizations with an opportunity to raise awareness and help people diagnosed with high blood pressure (HBP) manage their condition. It combines evidence-based programs to help your company or organization:

  • Position itself as a leader in tackling HBP, a leading cause of heart disease and stroke
  • Build a healthier community by promoting healthy environments and behaviors
  • Track patient outcomes and population health data
  • Encourage patients, employees and/or communities to take control of their HBP, both with and without clinical and community assistance
  • Decrease health care costs

Check. Change. Control. Connecting Communities and Care is tailored for a variety of organizations and companies including:

  • Healthcare clinics (hospitals, ambulatory clinics, private practices, etc.) that treat patients with HBP
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Other community organizations (fitness centers, social clubs, senior living facilities, etc.)
  • Worksites

The organization can be any size and in any location.

Key considerations for participation include:

  1. Does the organization treat people with high blood pressure or have members or employees who have high blood pressure?
    • 1 in 3 Americans has HBP and the prevalence of HBP in African-Americans –already among the highest in the world—is increasing.
  1. Is there at least one Volunteer Health Mentor who can lead the program?
    • Volunteer Health Mentors work directly with participants to facilitate their success in the program, including helping them take their blood pressure and entering their blood pressure readings in the measurement tool your organization selects.
  1. Is a method of measuring participants’ blood pressure available?
    • Blood pressure can be measured at a healthcare provider’s office, hospital, clinic, nurse’s office, pharmacy, grocery store, company clinic or health fair. Healthcare professionals use a medical instrument called a sphygmomanometer, a type of blood pressure monitor. This bicep cuff monitor yields the most accurate reading among various types of monitors. 
  1. Can your participants access and easily use the digital platforms you will employ for your program?
    • If you use a digital platform like Heart360 for your Check. Change. Control. Connecting Communities and Care program, make sure participants have access to the Internet and feel comfortable using the platform without assistance.
Helpful Tip

You can tailor your Check. Change Control. Connecting Communities and Care program to fit your needs as an organization. Depending on your available resources, your organization can implement the comprehensive program or just use certain pieces of the program.

For example, a church may direct its congregation to local higi Stations to encourage participants to regularly check their blood pressure, while an employer may partner with a local primary care clinic to offer employees high blood pressure education and encourage regular monitoring.