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Now that you have recruited and trained your Volunteer Health Mentor(s), participants and community partners, you’re ready to get started!

Participants can enroll at any time. Once enrolled, they should track their blood pressure at least eight times over the course of four consecutive months, and your Volunteer Health Mentor(s) should connect with each participant by phone, email or in person at least twice a month to help them stay on track.

After four months, the Volunteer Health Mentor will review the blood pressure readings with the participant and discuss possible reasons behind the results. If the participant did not reach his or her goal, the Volunteer Health Mentor and the participant should determine what the next steps are. This may include continuing participation in Check. Change. Control. Connecting Communities and Care for additional months, providing American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s resources (see below) regarding healthy lifestyle and seeking continued support from a healthcare provider.

High Blood Pressure Tools & Resources
AHA Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations
Sodium Information & Resources
Sodium & High Blood Pressure
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