Earn Recognition for Your Success

heroTarget: BP is a new program launched in 2015 by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Target: BP is a national healthcare and patient initiative focused on improving blood pressure control across the healthcare provider spectrum – including hospitals, medical practices, practitioners and service organizations. Target: BP participants will adhere to the latest AHA guidelines on blood pressure control and AHA will support these participants by recognizing the healthcare providers that have achieved a measureable improvement in blood pressure control for their patient population.

[title size=”2″]3 easy steps to participate in Target: BP[/title]

checkbox 30x30Step 1

Please register to participate in Target: BP

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Please check out all of our participant and patient resources

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We will be in contact very soon to get your results!

[title size=”2″]Recognition Levels[/title]

  • AHA/ASA Target: BP Participant
    • Enroll in our mission to improve blood pressure control
  • AHA/ASA Target: BP Silver
    • Achieve 70% control rate
  • AHA/ASA Target: BP Gold
    • Achieve 80% control rate
  • AHA/ASA Target: BP Platinum
    • Achieve 90% control rate